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Security in an Insecure World

I can recall my first days in kindergarten; tears began flowing uncontrollably when my dad left me alone with a room of complete strangers! I did not want any part of this! Turns out the teacher was quite nice and my classmates were not all that bad! And I was blessed with great parents, I could not have asked for a better Dad! God be praised!

Years later, I can recall several nights when I was overwhelmed with feelings of fear, pain and while serving as a missionary in an African nation. Insecurity can happen to any of us, anywhere. Countless factors can be attributed to these tormenting feelings. No matter where we are or what is happening, we can experience security in an insecure world. How? The Love of God! No one is greater than God, therefore when we are reconciled to Him through Christ Jesus, His love makes us secure. We still may at times have feelings or attacks of insecurities, but continue to rely on Him and His unfailing love will bring peace. His love brought me through those difficult kindergarten years and a season of dreadful nights in Africa!

Nothing can separate us from His love in Christ Jesus! Believe on the Lord Jesus and His love will make us secure and stedfast like a mountain in an insecure world!

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