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Life Groups





Life Groups are an integral part of helping students to know and grow in the truth of who God is and how to live as Christians. A Life Group consists of a small group of students who desire to learn more about God and the purpose and meaning of life!


What Does a Life Group do?

We study the Bible and have a time of discussion about what has been studied and apply the truth of Scripture to our lives! 

What is the main objective of a Life Group?

Our main objective is to know God and the Lord Jesus whom He sent! We accomplish this as we come together to pray, study the Bible and put into practice what it says! 


Our Life Group topics for the fall semester of 2023 are:

1. The History of the Bible. This is an overview of how the Bible came into existence. In this study we will answer questions like, "Is the Bible reliable? Is it relevant for today? Is it really God's word?"


2. Foundations of Christianity. We will examine several of the major teachings that shape and define the meaning of Christianity.

3. Relationships by God's Design. In this study, we start in Genesis and discover the glorious truth that both male and female are made in the glorious image of God! We will study various passages of Scripture that reveal the meaning and purpose of what it means to be male and what it means to be female. We find our fulfillment and joy in life by knowing the Living God and fulfilling living according to how He has lovingly designed us as male and female!

We hope to see you in the fall semester of 2023!

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