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Let the Glory of God Shine

In the Bible, light is associated with God and describes God as light. The first thing God created was light! In I John 1:5 it says, ‘God is light, in Him there is no darkness at all.’ It goes on to say in the same chapter, “But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, His Son, purifies us from all sin (I John 1:7).’ To walk in the light is to live a life of holy love for God and one another. Joy and peace are results of walking in the light. Figuratively speaking, light is of God and darkness is associated with evil. Those who belong to God are called children of the light. Those who refuse the Lord Jesus are of the darkness and belong to the evil one. Since the Lord Jesus is no longer walking physically on the earth, how is it possible for others to come to know the light of God or come to experience His love for themselves? How is it possible for others to come out of darkness into the light of God or into saving faith in Christ Jesus? Isaiah 60 is a chapter that prophesies about the glory of God rising upon Zion or Israel. What it says actually has fulfillment for those who put their faith in Christ. Lets look at the first three verses. ARISE SHINE There are two reasons in verse one we, believers, and future Israel are to shine. First, our light has come. Your Light has Come Who is our light? God Himself! The phrase ‘your light has come’ would imply God’s salvation, His help and deliverance from all that would oppress. Our light is the glorious presence of God! John 1 describes the Lord Jesus as the life and that life is the light for all mankind. Although we do not see Him nor can we with our physical eye, He is with us. The Holy Spirit is God the Spirit who lives in us to help us know the glorious truth of God and His presence with us. The light is of God, not of us. That’s why we can shine because of His coming to save us from sin. ‘To shine’ implies a face that is bright with joy, peace, hope and contentment. A face that shines indicates a heart that is loved and secure by God Himself. The Glory of the LORD rises Upon You We can shine because our light has come and secondly, because the glory of the LORD rises upon us! The glory of the LORD refers to His awesome presence, His grace, His unfailing love, His mercy, His majestic power, strength and help! It refers to the very quality of life that God is rising up within us and rests upon us so He might be known through us. When something rises it means it is active, it is noticeable, it has strength and ability. It is the glory of the LORD that makes us active, gives us strength and ability to be and do according to His will so that He is noticed through our lives! Overcoming Darkness Darkness refers to those who live apart from God, who are under the influence and power of evil forces. Thick darkness refers to people who are captive by sin. There is no way of escape, all they know is pain and anguish. Depression, hopelessness, guilt and despair are their closest friends. But what about God’s people? The LORD Himself rises upon them and His glory appears over them! It is impossible for deep darkness to cover people that belong to the LORD. They may go through some difficult times but still they have hope because the glory of the LORD appears over them. And for what reason? A Light to the Nations The LORD rises upon us and His glory is over us because He loves us and strongly desires us to be saved! Not only does He desire us to be saved but He wants to shine through us so that the nations may be saved as well!! Nations refers to ethnic groups. They will come to our light which is actually the glory of God’s presence in our lives! Nations will be attracted to the light of Israel because of the nature of the light. It’s radiant peace draws people to inquire about their Light. The same for us. As our lives ‘shine’ with the peace and love of God, nations, students of all backgrounds will be drawn to the glory of God that rises upon us! We must shine because their are many who are in ‘thick darkness’. But as the darkness did not overcome the Lord Jesus, neither shall it overcome us and the people God desires to save. He only asks us to ‘shine’! We can because He has come and His glory rises upon us! Now we will see nations drawn to Him as His light of salvation shines through us!!! Amen.

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