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Deliverance; much has been written on this subject. Teachings and practices concerning this subject are great in number since it represents a tremendous human need. Addiction and bondage comes in many ways and forms. They usually begin as ideas which lead to thought patterns and eventually are revealed in outward behavior. So where can we find deliverance from evil thoughts that war against our minds? How can we be free from the control of tormenting lusts; who can set our weary souls free from the oppression of fear, lust that burns within and hate that craves to destroy our lives as well as others? Who is strong enough to defeat the hideous monsters of evil that rage against our souls? There is One who has gone before us that is able to bring complete deliverance from all evil, Who Himself was tempted in every way we are yet without sin. His Name is Jesus; the Lord Jesus who is God the son, the Son of God! I Peter 1:18-19 says that we are redeemed from our empty way of life not by money or anything perishable “ . . . but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect.” Without blemish or defect means He did not sin. Therefore He is greater than the power of sin! The root meaning of redeemed can be described in this way: I destroy, I loosen. So what does this mean? The Lord Jesus is referred to here because His blood, His life is what was given to take away our sin. He destroys the power of sin in our lives by dying for us. His death is what destroys our sin. He then is able to loosen us from our sinful life and anything that keeps us from knowing God and having fellowship with Him. He destroys the power of sin in us and loosens us so we can be free to love God and one another! Sin is bondage. Pride is bondage. Lust is bondage. It causes us to live in a way that we were never created to experience. The blood of Jesus redeems us from the bondage of sin and frees us to live a life of fellowship with God and one another! There is no formula for being delivered from sinful bondage no matter what it may be. It is all by faith in the Lord Jesus and in the power of the Holy Spirit who helps us believe on Jesus. If you need deliverance from evil, begin to call on the name of the Lord Jesus. Trust in His blood that was given for our redemption and the Lord Jesus will set you free!

If you need someone to pray with you, please call (530) 518-7184.

We are redeemed by the blood of Jesus!


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