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Jesus Is

It is the glorious time of year when we celebrate ‘The Child that was born, the Son that was given (Isaiah 9:6)! The titles that the prophet Isaiah listed describe who Jesus is and the purpose of His coming.

He Is Wonderful

The Lord Jesus is far greater and glorious than we can imagine. Everything about Him is perfect in every way! He dwells in glorious light and is armed with majesty, strength and power! His appearance and the likeness of who He is leaves us in awe, speechless! That is the idea behind “Wonderful!”

He is Counselor

His advice and guidance always leads us in the best way.

He is Mighty God

He is able to deliver and save from all sin and wickedness!

He is our Everlasting Father

He will always provide what we need for our well-being because of His unfailing love!

He is Prince of Peace

He removes from our lives fears and worries of every type that bring an internal disturbance. His presence brings peace because HE is peace.

Receive and believe on the Child that was born and the Son that was given. He wants us in His family more than anything! Christmas can only be merry with Christ in it!

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