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Dan & Noreen McGaffee


Daniel & Noreen McGaffee served as the lead pastor at Capay Assembly of God from 1989 to 1992.  It was during their time of pastoring they sensed God’s call to Africa.  They arrived in Namibia on January 1, 1995 to begin their service as World missionaries with the Assemblies of God.  From that time until June of 2014, they continued ministering as foreign missionaries in the countries of Namibia, Kenya and Malawi in the areas of Bible college training and evangelism.

During their furlough in 2014, they felt led by the LORD to transition from World Missions to US Missions and pioneer a Chi Alpha ministry at California State University, Chico.  With their budget nearly raised, plans are underway to begin outreach this fall on the campus.  

The following are a few quick facts concerning the need for a Chi Alpha ministry to be launched at Chico State:

  • No Chi Alpha ministry exists in the 11 universities/colleges north of Sacramento in California.

  • The greater Chico area is #5 on the list of cities across America with the least amount of people attending church on any given Sunday.

  • Alcohol, humanistic philosophies and immorality represent some of the strongholds of evil.


Our mission from the LORD is to rescue, secure, equip and send.  By the power of the Holy Spirit through the finished work of Christ, the mission is to see students rescued from sin, secured in the love of God, equipped to do His will and sent to rescue others for the glory of God!  Establishing Chi Alpha on other campuses and sending ministry teams to the nations represent our long range vision.  This will be accomplished through the power of the Holy Spirit, the gospel of Jesus Christ, the love of God and prayer!


Ministry History

  • Served as youth/associate pastor at Capay Assembly of God 1982-89

  • Served as lead pastor at Capay Assembly of God Nov. 1989 – June 1992

  • 1st missionary term: 1995-1998 in Namibia and Kenya, teaching, discipleship, evangelism

  • 2nd missionary term: 2000-2004 in Nairobi, Kenya; Bible college instructor, evangelism, served as  Academic dean for a portion of this term

  • 3rd missionary term: 2005-2008 in Windhoek, Namibia; Bible college instructor, church planting,

  • 4th missionary term: 2010-2014 in Lilongwe, Malawi; Bible college instructor, weekend open air gospel meetings, led intercessory prayer teams

  • Taught short block Bible courses at Assembly of God Bible Colleges in Cape Town, SA, Nairobi,

  • Kenya and Asmara, Eritrea

  • 2014-2016 pursuing God’s call to serve as Chi Alpha missionaries at California State University, Chico


Dan and Noreen are blessed with a beautiful family.  They have five grown children, two daughters-in-law, one son-in-law, and seven precious grandchildren!  

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Chi Alpha Chico State

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Chi Alpha Chico State
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